Iny video camera gives a magnified view of the prostate gland on a video screen. viagra how long for it to work The surgeon cuts away the prostate gland from the surrounding tissues and puts it in a small bag before removing it through one of the cuts in the abdomen. where to order viagra The main difference with this surgery is that you won't have a big wound in your abdomen afterwards. Instead you have several small cuts. buy generic viagra online Most studies have shown that laparoscopic surgery is as good at treating prostate cancer as open surgery. Men also lose less blood, have less pain, and spend less time in hospital. viagra no prescription fastest shipping us Most men also recover and go back to normal activities more quickly than with open radical prostatectomy surgery. Two of the most common side effects of prostatectomy are problems with control over when to pass urine (urinary incontinence) and inability to have an erection (impotence). generic viagra usa There doesn’t seem to be any difference in the number of men who have these side effects after open prostatectomy or after laparoscopic prostatectomy. There can be risks with laparoscopic surgery though and these include heavy bleeding for some men and damage to healthy tissue close to the prostate. These complications are uncommon when the operation is carried out by a surgeon with specialist training and experience in laparoscopic techniques. The national institute for health and clinical excellence (nice) issued guidance on radical laparoscopic prostatectomy in november 2006. They say that this procedure is safe and works well enough to use on the nhs. cheap generic viagra As with all operations, the surgeon should explain the risks and benefits to you fully beforehand. And only surgeons who have had special training and experience in this type of surgery should offer it. Your surgeon may need to refer you to another hospital to have it. Back to top     robot assisted prostatectomy assisted robotic prostatectomy is a new type of keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery for prostate cancer. It is also called da vinci surgery. A surgeon uses a special machine (robot) during the operation. viagra samples Doctors need to have special training before they can carry out this type of surgery. It is only available in a few hospitals in the uk. viagra pills 8080 We don't yet know whether this type of surgery is better than other types of surgery for prostate cancer or whether it is cost effective. You can read more about it on our page about robotic surgery for prostate cancer. Back to top     checking for clear margins afte. viagra offices toronto canada

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