users online: 31 home | about the journal | instructions | current issue | back issues |  login            letter to editor year : 2006  |  volume : 9  |  issue : 2  |  page : 126   primary progressive aphasia kamakshi shanbhogu, bijoy k menon, ct suresh institute of neurology, chennai, india correspondence address:kamakshi shanbhoguinstitute of neurology, chennai india doi: 10. viagra absorption time 4103/0972-2327. viagra alternative gnc 25989   how to cite this article: shanbhogu k, menon bk, suresh ct. buy generic viagra Primary progressive aphasia. Liquid viagra ar-r Ann indian acad neurol 2006;9:126 how to cite this url: shanbhogu k, menon bk, suresh ct. Viagra and low blood pressure Primary progressive aphasia. Viagra canada real Ann indian acad neurol [serial online] 2006 [cited 2012 oct 9];9:126. cheap pills viagra Available from:  sir, we read with interest, the report on progressive nonfluent aphasia (pna) by mathuranath et al. viagra 100 pfizer [1] in 1987, mesulam introduced the term 'primary progressive aphasia' (ppa) for a syndrome of progressive worsening of language with preservation of the activities of daily living and evidence of normal nonverbal abilities on neuropsychological testing for at least 2 years after onset. buy cheap viagra Subsequently, ppa was further classified into progressive non-fluent aphasia and semantic dementia. viagra 5mg price australia Other workers proposed additional subtypes of ppa such as, ppa with comprehension deficits characterised by fluent speech and anomic, but not the multimodal semantic deficits of semantic dementia and logopenic progressive aphasia with slow rate of speech output and word- finding pauses, but without agrammatism and articulation deficits. viagra 100 pfizer These various descriptions of ppa has led to a more general discussion on whether a stage model or a subgroup model might be appropriate to explain the neuropsychological consequences of these degenerative diseases, as the various types mentioned above seemed to provide support for a subgroup model. viagra high blood pressure medicine Subgroup models assume that the differences in presentation of these different subtypes are due to impairment of different cognitive modules in a qualititative manner. buy viagra online In contrast, stage models assume a global progression of deficits of all cognitive performances and the observed performances between different patients groups are due to differing severity of disease. lowest price on generic viagra However, follow up studies have not provided concrete evidence for subgroup models, as we find that the syndrome of ppa does progress to a more general neuropsychological deficit. viagra sales uk Mathuranath et al in their study, provide more evidence for the stage model by stating that early behavioral dysfunction within two years, can be seen in cases of ppa. viagra without a doctor prescription They also highlight the type of language dysfunction seen in such cases and state that the extent of language impairment is a function of disease stage than disease duration. viagra 100 pfizer This argument is a very strong refutement of a subgroup model. cheap viagra In their article, they differentiate ppa with early behavioural dysfunction from those without, by p. cheap online viagra

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